Jotaro and Star Platinum by Gatchaman Crowds character designer Kinako (キナコ)

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What we learn from each JoJo


Jonathan: Be kind and optimistic.

Joseph: Always have a backup plan.

Jotaro: The weirdest people can become your best friends.

Josuke: Believe in yourself.

Giorno: Fight for what you think is right.

Jolyne: If somebody wrongs you, stand up for yourself.

Johnny: Don’t be Johnny.

Jo2uke: Enjoy everything.

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Persona 4 Manga- Back Covers

I love that pic of Dojima and Nanako. <3

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Spent way too long on these for how mediocre they came out. Whatever, GUILTY GEAR WHUKOW!

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Fate/Prototype: Argent Fragment - Best Friend ACT 4. Rider Fragment’s Spirit form and Berserker Fragment’s identity revealed.

The first picture is Rider Fragment’s spirit form. His NP, skill and fighting skills depend on projectile / ranged attack. He, Saber Proto, Archer Frag and Lancer Frag fight against Berserker Fragment.

Berserker Fragment, is not Werewolf or any type of beasts of what Saber’s POV described. There are two Berserker Frag, “Good & Evil”.

Good: He is most respected, sane and nice person. As a servant , he acknowledge that he was the most weakest than other six servants due his fighting capability doesn’t fit in curb stomp nor melee fight. However he depends on “Evil” to urge to win the HGW but it will take a risks if Evil takes advantages on what happen to HGW situation (After Evil attacks Misaya in previous chapter).

Evil: He is cruel, remorseless and inner demon person. Unlike “Good” , he was very beastly due his mad enhancement enhance his mind. His appearances is looks like a beast, which can mean grotesque-abnormal according to Saber. (Since his identity finally revealed, every readers shocked and confused about this, especially according to what previous chapter describes about him).

Both have share common, they are actually same person with dual personalities. Berserker Frag’s NP & skill refer to 霊薬 (Spoiler), but it’s only works at the nighttime with specific timing. His real identity is ジキル博士とハイド氏 (Spoiler)

Third image is Caster Frag leaves Reiroukan residence after he contract with new master. He creates black magic into Misaya’s mind. Later, Misaya will get cursed by new master.


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Shots of the colouring process.

Genos and torn clothes… I’m imagining how it would’ve looked like if he still had a human body… Yeah.

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mama shinji cooks for everyone

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Persona 3 the Movie
- #2 Midsummer Knight's Dream -
Coming to theaters on June 7, 2014 [X]
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me and my sister have been going to the gym alot more lately and my #ultimategoal is to become as ridiculously buff and in shape as my bf joseph joestar

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